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Returns for a cell array of cell arrays of trees intree, a cell array of cell arrays of topological genes genes (for each tree one). The two-depth of the input/output arrays allows the comparison between different groups of neuronal trees. The topological gene (introduction section “topological gene”) returns for a sorted labelling of a tree (see “sort_tree”) for all branches (delimited by topological points) the metric length and the ending point type (termination or branch).



>> gene = gene_tree({{sample2_tree}}); gene{1}'

[21 29 21 8 10 17 9 11 9;  → branch length values in µm
__2 _2 _0 0 _2 _2 0 _0 0]  → branch ending topological point descriptor (0: terminal, 2: branch)

>> dLPTCs = load_tree ('');  → load groups of tangential cell reconstructions

>> genes = gene_tree (dLPTCs, '-s');


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