Sorts the labels (indices) of nodes of tree intree to conform to BCT, an order in which elements are arranged according to their hierarchy keeping the sub-tree structure intact (see introduction section “sorted and equivalent trees”). Many isomorphic BCT order structures exist, this one is created by switching the location of each node one at a time to the right neighbour position of their parent node. For a unique sorting use '-LO' or ‘-LEX' options.

'-LO' orders the indices using path length and level order. This results in a relatively unique equivalence relation.

'-LEX‘ orders the BCT elements lexicographically. This makes less sense but results in a purely unique equivalence relation.

"sort_tree" affects all vectors of form Nx1 attributed to the tree accordingly..

Example: after redirecting the tree from a different root (see “redirect_tree”) the nodes are scrambled. Try out:

>> rtree = redirect_tree (sample2_tree, 5);

>> sort_tree (rtree, '-s');


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