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18 Dec. 2023
Version 1.16 of TREES Toolbox, final version before TREES 2.0.
3 Feb. 2023
New T2N models for Alzheimer's model, see our paper
26 Apr. 2022
New growth model with small terminal branches, see our paper
22 Sept. 2021
New T2N models and LIF functionality in TREES, see our paper
2 Feb. 2021
New connectivity metrics, see our paper
26 Nov. 2020
New growth model, see our paper
4 June 2019
New branching statistic the root angle, see our paper
12 Nov. 2018
New branching statistic R, see our paper
24 Sept. 2018
TREES Toolbox and T2N are now proper Github repositories.
22 Nov. 2017
T2N is out! Our interface between TREES Toolbox and NEURON, published in eLife.
3 Jul. 2017
New code for Strahler order and binary trees, see our paper
7 Apr. 2016
Book chapter: Modelling dendrite shape in "Dendrites".
5 Aug. 2015
1,000 registered downloads through this website.
24 Mar. 2015
Encyclopedia entry TREES Toolbox - code for neuronal branching.
3 July 2012

we published our dendrite scaling paper in PNAS using the methods of the TREES Toolbox.
4 June 2012

uploaded version 1.15 of TREES Toolbox with significant changes in the user interface (manual tree editing and reconstruction) and other minor bug fixes.
16 Mar. 2011

neuroML export function added by Padraig Gleeson. This is useful for incorporation of TREES Toolbox morphologies into neuroConstruct.
23 Feb. 2011

our synthetic pyramidal cells created using the TREES Toolbox received the Wellcome image award 2011, see also their entry on the technique.
11 Jan. 2011

our Neuroinform paper to advertise the TREES Toolbox was published in Neuroinformatics
10 Jan. 2011
video tutorials are now available on the manual site. More to come soon!
5 Oct. 2010

developer site (SVN repository), forum and mailing lists made available at Google Code, meanwhile also on Github.
5 Oct. 2010

updated website and release 1.7 available on the download site including
-    minor changes
-    compatibility with pyTREES
-    patched: neurolucida_tree and pov_tree
5 Aug. 2010

TREES Toolbox first release, see paper
and PLoS August 2010 Issue featured image

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