Displays text numbers or text in the Nx1 vector v at the coordinates of the nodes of tree intree. By default v contains the numbers 1 to N, a way to display node indices. Plot is offset by XYZ 3-tupel DD and coloured with RGB 3-tupel (or Nx1 vector, a colour value per node) color. ipart is an optional index for a sub-set of nodes to be plotted. crange restricts the colour limits. HP is the handle to the text object.


>> HP = vtext_tree (sample2_tree, ('hello!!!!')',...
eucl_tree (sample2_tree), [], [], 1:9)
each new line in the string vector is attributed to a new node
colour goes with Euclidean distance
text is attributed to nodes 1 to 9

>> set (HP, 'fontname', 'times new roman');


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