Subdivides a tree intree in convex polygons using the voronoi-algorithm. Returns one patch around each node. Patches can be coloured with Nx1 vector v. Boundary voronoi patches would go ad infinitum. Therefore a set of boundary points prevents this, by default these are calculated according to the isosurface from “hull_tree”. vhull plot is offset by XYZ 3-tupel DD and ipart is an optional index for using a sub-set of nodes only. HP is the handle to the graphical object. VO and KK are coordinates and convex hull indices of each individual polygon. vol outputs an Nx1 vector of volume values (or surface values if 2D) for the output polygons.

Example 1:

>> vhull_tree (sample2_tree, BO_tree (sample2_tree))


Example 2:
First get the points for the 2D boundary at 15 µm isodistance then 2D vhull

>> c = hull_tree (sample2_tree, 15, [], [], [],'-2d');

>> [Xt Yt] = cpoints (c);

>> HP = vhull_tree (tree, [], [Xt Yt], [], [], '-2d -s');


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