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opens up a user interface window. With it the user can browse through directories of trees, edit them, explore their properties. The individual buttons typically link to one function of the TREES toolbox. The GUI is therefore practical to explore the possibilities of the toolbox before starting a research project with the more flexible command line interaction. Aside of that, the user interface allows the automated reconstruction of neuronal branching structures directly from image stacks. The following passages will attempt to familiarize the user with the axis, the multiple panels, the menu etc.. of the GUI.

All the GUI is divided into three parts, one common axis, a menu and a number of control panels. The control panels on the right are there to control the axis, the graphical output and to browse through trees or individual nodes or properties of a tree. The control panels to the left are associated with the process of reconstruction, artificial generation and editing of tree structures. To each of the panels on the left special “edit” modes are associated.

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