Concatenates trees in cell array of trees intrees with electrical synapses and calculates the steady state electrotonic matrix (sse, see “sse_tree”). Indices of connected nodes (inodes1 to inodes2) accumulative along trees. gelsyn assigns conductance values to each gap junction. I is as in “sse_tree”.

we reproduce a simplified dendritic network similar as in (Cuntz H, Haag J, Borst A 2003 PNAS 100(19):11082-5). Connect all nodes from one tree to another one and inject a current in the dendrite of one tree:

>> tree = hsn_tree;

>> sse = ssecat_tree ({tree tree},
  (1:1290)', (1291:2580)', .01, 15, 'none');


The resulting potential spread is smaller in the tree where the current was injected, than in the neighbour: the dendritic network leads to spatial blurring, as is used in some fly interneurons to process motion-based images:


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