Calculates the steady state electrotonic (sse) matrix describing the electrotonic properties of the neuron in the tree structure intree. Each column j is the potential distribution in all nodes during injection of current into node j. The diagonal contains therefore the local input resistances of each node. sse, NxN matrix, is therefore symmetric. If input current I is not identity matrix then columns in sse correspond to potential distributions in separate experiments corresponding to the input current distribution in that column. Note that NxN sse is obtained by inverse matrix calculation and therefore goes very quickly but takes memory. In special cases it is advisable to split calls in several input matrices I.

Example 1:
calculate the full NxN sse matrix

>> sse = sse_tree (sample2_tree)


Example 2:
inject current only in node #13

>> sse = sse_tree (sample_tree, 13)


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