resampling allows for more
“attaching” points on the tree

Attaches cylinders with diameter dhead to closest node on an existing tree intree, introducing a neck with diameter dneck. If XYZ coordinates XYZ are not defined, the spines are attached to a randomly picked node with distance mlneck ± stdlneck. XYZ parameter becomes the number of spines (default: 100). If region with name "spines" exists then nodes are appended to that region otherwise new nodes are attributed to new region named "spines“. ipart is an optional index for attaching spines only to a sub-set of nodes.


>> rtree = resample_tree (sample2_tree, .2);

>> spines_tree (rtree, 200, [], [], [], [], find (rtree.D<3))
200 random spines,
only attached to nodes where diameter is smaller than 3


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