Writes POV-ray (http://www.povray.org/) files using the anatomy-data contained in intree. intree can be a single tree structure or a cell array of trees or just XYZD coordinates of points (plotted as spheres). With v, an Nx1 vector or cell array of vectors (corresponding to intree), values for each node can be mapped to the colours of the segments. options involve different styles and for example option '-c' or 'z' for brainbow random colours and '-v' option which conserves the viewpoint of the active Matlab figure. '->' starts POV-Ray immediately if it is installed and the TREES toolbox runs in windows.

Example 1:

>> pov_tree (sample2_tree, [], [], '-b -s1 -w ->')


Example 2:
mapping of colors works as in “plot_tree”:

>> pov_tree (sample2_tree, [], ...
eucl_tree (sample2_tree), '-b -s1 -w ->')


Example 3:
brainbow colour mapping on a group of trees:

>> dLPTCs = load_tree ('dLPTCs.mtr')

>> pov_tree (dLPTCs,[],[],'-b –c –s1 ->')


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