Plots a directed graph contained in tree structure intree. Many settings allow to play with the output results. Colour handling is different on line plots than on patchy '-b' or '-p'. Even if metrics are nonexistent “plot_tree” will plot its best guess for a reasonable tree (see “xdend_tree”). Line plots are always slower than any patch display. Plot is offset by XYZ 3-tupel DD and coloured with RGB 3-tupel (or Nx1 vector, a colour value per node) color. ipart is an optional index for a sub-set of nodes whose segements are to be plotted. res determines the resolution of the cylinders, with 8 points as a default. options are '-2l' or '-3l' for 2D or 3D line plots, '-2q' or '-3q' for 2D or 3D arrow plots (quiver); see comments in “plot_tree” for more details. HP is the handle to the graphical object.

Example 1:
map branch order to colour

>> plot_tree (sample2_tree, BO_tree (sample2_tree))


Example 2:
as a line

>> HP = plot_tree (sample2_tree, [], [], [], [], '-3l');

>> set (HP, 'marker', '.');


Example 3:
quiver plot of sub-tree of node #10

>> plot_tree (sample2_tree, [], [],...
find (sub_tree (sample2_tree, 10)), [], '-3q');


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