Loads the metrics and the corresponding directed adjacency matrix of tree from file name to create the tree structure. Input files can be in TREES internal .mtr format (which is just a matlab workspace file), in .swc format (see “swc_tree”) or in an export format .neu for trees created in the software NEURON package (http://www.neuron.yale.edu/neuron/) with the function see “neu_tree” provided in the TREES toolbox. Make sure to realize that most imported trees are originally encoded as connected frusta instead of cylinders whereas the TREES toolbox assumes that they are cylinders. This can be changed by adding the field “frustum=1” to the tree structure.



>> load_tree


ans =

dA: [15x15 double]
X: [15x1 double]
Y: [15x1 double]
Z: [15x1 double]
R: [15x1 double]
D: [15x1 double]
rnames: {'1' 'dendrite'}
Ri: 100
Gm: 5.0000e-004
Cm: 1
name: 'tree1'

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