Calculates a space-filling 3D isosurface around the tree intree with a threshold distance of thr [in µm]. In order to do this it creates a grid defined by the vectors bx, by and bz and calculates the closest point of the tree to any of the points on the grid. Higher resolution requires more computer power but results in higher accuracy of contour. Note that for smaller threshold distances thr, a better spatial resolution is required! Outputs are c, a structure containing the polygon point coordinates, and the distance matrix M. In the 2D case (with option '-2d'), c is a contour (see Matlab function “contourc”). HP is the handle to the graphical output object. Reduce the resulting patch resolution if necessary with:

reducepatch (HP, ratio)

Example 1:

>> hull_tree (sample2_tree, 5)   ← 5 µm isodistance


Example 2:
same but in 2D

>> hull_tree (sample2_tree, 5, [], [], [], '-s -2d')


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