tree must conform to BCT
consider applying “repair_tree” first

Plots a dendrogram of the tree intree (must conform to BCT). HP is the handle to the graphical object. Nx1 vector yvec simply assigns a y-value to each node (metric path length by default, see “Pvec_tree”), while Nx1 vector diam attributes a diameter (single value = constant diameter). The dendrogram is offset by XYZ 3-tupel DD and coloured with RGB 3-tupel color. Single value wscale determines the spacing between two terminals.

Example 1:

simple line dendrogram

>> dendrogram_tree (sample2_tree)


Example 2:
“topological” dendrogram, plotting topological path length on the y-axis

>> PL = PL_tree (sample2_tree);

>> dendrogram_tree (sample2_tree, PL/20, 10*PL, PL, [], [], '-p -v')
diameter, y-axis and color all depend on PL
'-p -v' options plot patches but without horizontal lines


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