In order to get more information about a function check out the reference (in the end of this manual) or type “help function-name”, for example here we might want to know what “BO_tree” does:

>> help BO_tree

BO_TREE Branch order values in a tree.
(trees package)

BO = BO_tree (intree, options)

returns the branch order of all nodes referring to the first node as the root of the tree. This value starts at 0 and increases after every branch point.

- intree::integer:index of tree in trees or structured tree
- options::string: {DEFAULT: ''}
'-s' : show

BO::Nx1 vector: vector of branching order values

BO_tree (sample2_tree, '-s')

See also PL_tree LO_tree
Uses ver_tree typeN_tree dA

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