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22-25 Jul. 2024

Talk at "Computer algebra applications in the life sciences" at the International Congress on Mathematical Software Durham, UK


23 Feb. 2024
Moritz's new paper on dendrite repair published in PLoS Computational Biology !!
20 Feb. 2024
Alex's new paper on pattern separation published in PLoS Computational Biology !!


28 Nov. 2023
Maijia's new paper on dendrite topoloty, a collaboration with Jonathon Howard
9 Nov. 2023
Talk at Institute of Zoology at TiHo, invited by Prof. Felix Felmy Hannover, Germany
7-9 Aug. 2023

Talk at "BonnBrain3 - from Cellular Diversity to Complex Behavior in Health and Disease" Bonn, Germany
2 Aug. 2023
Nina's new paper on lognormal distributions of spine sizes published in Open Biology !!
15 Jul. 2023
TREES Toolbox tutorial at CNS*2023 Leipzig, Germany
9 Jul. 2023
Talk at Ringberg retreat, invited by Prof. Axel Borst, Kreuth, Germany
3 Jul. 2023
Marius' new paper on ion channel degeneracy published in PLoS Computational Biology !!
3 Feb. 2023
Martin and Laura's new paper on dendrites in Alzheimer's published in Journal of Physiology !!


25-27 Oct. 2022

Talk at "Blue Brain Workshop - Mouse Neuronal Morphologies in Health and Disease" Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland
13-14 Sep. 2022

Talk at "Bernstein conference satellite workshop - Simulating plasticity in morphologically detailed neural networks with Arbor – Building a new research community" Berlin, Germany
13 Jul. 2022
Peter's review paper on Pareto optimality in single neurons published in Open Biology !!
23-26 May. 2022
Talk at "Dendrites 2022: Dendritic anatomy, molecules and function" Heraklion, Crete
29 Apr. 2022
Talk at IST in Vienna, invited by Prof. Edouard Hannezo
26 Apr. 2022

From our collaboration with Gaia Tavosanis, Tomke's new paper on Class III dendrites published in Cell Reports !!
7 Apr. 2022
Marvin's Oculus App "Cajal's Dream" is out !!
4 Feb. 2022
Talk at Institute of Psychiatry and Neuroscience of Paris -- INSERM, invited by Dr. Cyril Hanus


22 Sept. 2021
Our new paper on dendritic constancy published in Neuron !!
17 Sept. 2021 -
18 Sept. 2021
Lecturer at "EITN Spring School in Computational Neuroscience" in Paris

9 Aug. 2021
Alex' new paper about "dendritic" machine learning published in PLoS CB !!
2 Feb. 2021
Alex' and Lisa's new paper on cortical connectivity in Cerebral Cortex !!
4 Mar. 2021
Talk at MPI of Neurobiology, invited by Prof. Alexander Borst, virtual


29 Oct. 2020
Talk at Gutenberg Universität Main, invited by Prof. Carsten Duch, virtual
26 Nov. 2020
André's new paper on dendrite growth and pruning published in eLife !!
4 Mar. 2020 -
5 Mar. 2020
Lecturer at "EITN Spring School in Computational Neuroscience" in Paris

2 Mar. 2020

Talk at "Neural networks that are neuronal networks: Considerations of neuron morphology in circuit computations." workshop at Cosyne 22, Breckenridge
26 Feb. 2020 -
20 Apr. 2020
Marvin's virtual reality installation was part of an exhibition about neurons at the Centre Pompidou !!


24 Dec. 2019

Christian's new Christmas paper about STDP in dendrites published in Cell Reports including a beautiful cover !!
6 Dec. 2019
Moritz' and Marvin's new paper about cortical folding published in Cerebral Cortex !!
26 Aug. 2019 -
28 Aug. 2019
Lecturer at "Modeling Healthy and Diseased Brain: From Dendrites to Neurons and Networks" 7th Baltic-Nordic School on Neuroinformatics BNNI 2019 in Frankfurt
4 Jun. 2019
Alex' new paper about Sholl intersections published in Cell Reports !!
3 Jun. 2019 -
9 Jun. 2019
Lecturer at "Building and Mining Brain Cell Atlases and Connectomes" Cold Spring Harbor Asia summer course in Suzhou
28 May 2019
Bernstein Seminar at Bernstein Center Freiburg, invited by Prof. Uli Egert, Freiburg
4 Apr. 2019
Tomke's new paper about role of Arp2/3 in dendrite branching published in Development !!


12 Nov. 2018
Laura's new paper about regularly and irregularly distributed dendrites published in PLoS CB !!
19 Oct. 2018
Talk at the ICAR3R Kick-off symposium at 3R Centre JLU Giessen
21 Sept. 2018
Talk at University of Hertfordshire, invited by Prof. John Senior
17 July 2018

CNS*2018 workshop "Neuronal morphology and structure"
organized by Alex, Andre, and me, Paris
28 Jun. 2018 -
2 Jul. 2018
Lecturer at "Building and Mining Brain Cell Atlases and Connectomes" Cold Spring Harbor Asia summer course in Suzhou
30 Apr. 2018
Tassilo's new paper from our collaboration with Peter and Stephan in PNAS !!
19-22 Apr. 2018
Invited to "11. Sino-German Frontiers of Science Symposium", Humboldt Stiftung, Shanghai
8-13 Apr. 2018
Invited to Ernst Strüngmann Forum "Cerebral Cortex 3.0: Complexity and Computation", Frankfurt
6-7 Mar. 2018

Talk at Institute for Theoretical Biology, invited by Prof. Susanne Schreiber and Dr. Michiel Remme, Berlin
8-9 Feb. 2018
talk at the Dendritic integration and computation with active dendrites workshop at EITN Paris
23 Jan. 2018
Sumit's new paper to redefine morphology standards, a collaboration with Giorgio Ascoli
3 Jan. 2018
Perspective on a nice paper about Mauthner cell function by Medan et al


22 Dec. 2017
Talk at Blue Brain Project Geneva, invited by Dr. Lida Kanari
22 Nov. 2017
Our group rated excellent by Max Planck Scientific Advisory Board !!
22 Nov. 2017
Marcel's new paper about our robust GC model in T2N published in eLife !!
5-6 Oct. 2017
Talk at the Dendritic Spines: Morphology, Function and Modeling workshop at EITN Paris, cancelled
27 Sept. 2017
Faculty of SMARTSTART, a training program in computational neuroscience
26 Sept. 2017
Talk at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, invited by Prof. Philipp Berens
3 July 2017
Alexandra's new paper on Strahler order in dendrites in PLoS CB !!
3 May 2017
Marcel's PhD defense !!
3 May 2017
Marvin's new paper on neural maps in PNAS !!
3 Mar. 2017
Tijana's new paper on GC time-lapse from our collaboration with Stephan
9 Feb. 2017
Member of Interdisciplinary Center for Neuroscience Frankfurt (ICNF)


7 Dec. 2016
Elected to the board of directors of the Organization for Computational Neurosciences (OCNS)
11 August 2016
Marcel's new paper on adult-born dentate granule cells in Brain Struct and Funct !!
4 May 2016
Alex's new paper on dendritic taper in PLoS CB !!
11-12 Apr. 2016
Talk at the Digital representation of neuronal morphologies and tissue workshop at OIST
7 Apr. 2016
Modelling dendrite shape, one of four new chapters in the 3rd edition of Dendrites!
5 Apr. 2016
Talk at the Gutenberg University, invited by Carsten Duch, Mainz
15-16 Mar. 2016
talk at the Dendritic Sophistication: From Structure to Function workshop at EITN Paris
Mar. 2016
New ebook: Quantitative analysis of neuroanatomy, with Julian Budd, Stephen Eglen and Patrik Krieger
25 Feb. 2016
Steffen's new paper on lesion and dendrites in Acta Neuropathol Commun !!
8 Feb. 2016
Third baby: Lotte!!!!!


14 Dec. 2015
Alberto and Henrik's new paper on LFP simulations in PLoS CB !!
31 Oct. 2015 -
28 Feb. 2016
Virtual reality installation with Marvin Weigand at the Exo-Evolution exhibition as part of the GLOBALE in Karlsruhe at the ZKM
11-12 Sept. 2015
Talk and hacking at the Connectomic workbench at Cambridge University
Research report, publication in the yearbook of the Max Planck Society (in German)
22 July 2015

CNS*2015 workshop "Dendrite function and wiring"
organized by Michiel Remme, Ben Torben-Nielsen, and me, Paris
12-13 Mar. 2015
Talk at the Power laws and multiple scales in neural systems workshop at EITN Paris
23-27 Feb. 2015
Hacking at the Connectomics Analysis Workshop and Hackathon at HHMI Campus Janelia Farm
6 Jan. 2015
Video installation at Open Day 2015 of the ZKM in Karlsruhe


3 Nov. 2014
Talk at the "Principles of Brain Wiring" IGSN Symposium in Bochum
23 Oct. 2014
Calvin's new paper on blue dentate in PLoS CB !!
26 Aug. 2014

Start of my new module called "Computational neuroanatomy - quantitative analysis and modelling" for the Master of Interdisciplinary Neuroscience in Frankfurt
3-30 Aug. 2014

The Advanced Course in Computational Neuroscience came to the FIAS in Frankfurt this year, with local organisation by Jochen Triesch and me. It was great!
1 Apr. 2014
Research fellow at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS) in Frankfurt
12 Mar. 2014
Faculty at the International Max-Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Neural Circuits in Frankfurt


2 Dec. 2013
Twin babies: Sophie and Clara!!!!!
31 Oct. 2013

Our new book: the Computing Dendrite - from structure to function., with Michiel Remme and Ben Torben-Nielsen
14 Oct. 2013

Guest lecture at the computational neuroscience lecture series at the Friedrich Miescher Institute (FMI) in Basel
25 Sept. 2013
I received the Bernstein Award 2013!!!!
18 Sept. 2013
Talk at the Centre de Regulació Genòmica, invited by Mara Dierssen, Barcelona
23 Aug. 2013
New paper on scaling in dendrites
9 Aug. 2013
Lecture at Advanced Course in Computational Neuroscience, Bedlewo
17 July 2013

CNS*2013 workshop "Dendrite function and wiring"
organized by Michiel Remme, Ben Torben-Nielsen, and me, Paris
27 June 2013
Talk at the Philipps University Neurobiology invited by Uwe Homberg, Marburg
24 May 2013
Talk at the workshop predictive neuroinformatics (INCF), Nijmegen
10 April 2013
Talk at the Donders Institute invited by Paul Tiesinga, Nijmegen
7 Feb. 2013
Talk at the Philipps-University Marburg, invited by Prof. Anna Schubö, Marburg


4 Dec. 2012
Talk at the FIAS, invited by Prof. Jochen Triesch, Frankfurt
22-24 Nov. 2012
Video installation in the ZKM, with review in the frieze magazine, Karlsruhe
16 Oct. 2012
Computational Neuroscience Social at SfN*2012, invited chair, New Orleans
14 Oct. 2012
Poster at SfN*2012, New Orleans
24 Aug. 2012
Video interview by Arvid Leyh for dasgehirn.info
28 June 2012
Interview by Stuart Mason Dambrot for medicalxpress
18 May 2012
Our dendrite scaling paper was accepted at PNAS!
30 Apr. 2012

Talk at Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, invited by Mike Hemberger and Prof. Gilles Laurent, Frankfurt
11 Jan. 2012
Invited paper for research topic "Wiring Principles of Cerebral Cortex", in Frontiers in Neuroanatomy


12 Dec. 2011
Talk at Imperial College London, invited by Prof. Ross Ethier, London
1 Dec. 2011

Der Dendriten-Kode, German popular article about my work by Christiane Gelitz.
December Issue of Gehirn und Geist (Spektrum der Wissenschaft)
16 Nov. 2011
Poster at SfN*2011, Waschington
1 Oct. 2011

Affiliation with the Ernst Strüngmann Institute (ESI) for Neuroscience in cooperation with the Max Planck Society
27/28 July 2011

CNS*2011 workshop "Dendrite function and wiring: experiments and theory"
organized by Michiel Remme, Ben Torben-Nielsen, Jaap van Pelt and me, Stockholm
18 July 2011
talk at the MRC laboratory of molecular biology, invited by Dr. Greg Jefferis, Cambridge UK
15 July 2011
Talk at Microsoft Research Cambridge, invited by Prof. Stephen Emmott, Cambridge UK
8 July 2011
Talk at the Friedrich Miescher Institute (FMI), invited by Dr. Karl Farrow and Dr. Botond Roska, Basel
30 May 2011
Talk at Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research, invited by Dr. Fahad Sultan, Tübingen
2 May 2011
Launch of the Science Byte documentary.
1 May 2011
I started my own lab in Frankfurt!
23 Feb. 2011
Wellcome image award 2011
11 Jan. 2011
Neuroinform paper to advertise the TREES toolbox, in Neuroinformatics


8-9 July 2010
Invited talk at workshop: "Single neuron morphologies & computation", Amsterdam
7-10 June 2010
Poster at EPSRC symposium workshop: dendrites, neurones and networks, Warwick
29 April 2010

Poster at UCL Neuroscience Symposium, London
(1st prize, poster competition)
2 March 2010Talk at MIT, invited by Prof. Sebastian Seung, Boston
26 Feb. 2010 Poster at Cosyne, Salt Lake City
4 Feb. 2010
Talk at Ernst-Strüngmann Institute (ESI), invited by Prof. Pascal Fries, Frankfurt
11 Jan. 2010
Talk at the Neurosciences Institute (NSI), invited by Prof. Gerald Edelman, San Diego

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