download the current TREES Toolbox for all the new features

Note: TREES 2.0 is coming soon; this is an interim version with the most recent features but is not entirely backward compatible, and does not yet contain all the new features of TREES 2.0. For a more stable package download version 1.16.

[TREES - Github repository]

download stable versions of the TREES Toolbox for Matlab:

[download current version from Github]

[download zipped TREES 1.16]

[download zipped TREES 1.15]

download T2N (extension to interface Neuron):

[T2N Github repository]

[download zipped T2N from Github]

our new extended swc format (.nmf), Torben-Nielsen et al (SfN 2016 poster)
load_tree nmf_tree.

requirements Tested most thoroughly on the more recent Matlab versions (Matlab 2023a, 2023b, 2015b for v.1.15 and 2010a for first version) under Windows, Mac and Linux. Some functions for the reconstruction of neuronal trees from image stacks require the "image processing toolbox" of Matlab.
For semi-automated reconstruction we recommend following minimal hardware:
-    a lot of RAM, e.g. 8 Gbytes
-    64 bit
-    a mouse wheel
The original version of TREES Toolbox was developed on a DELL precision T5400 with 8 cores (2 x Xeon X5450 3 Ghz 4 cores), 8 Gbytes of RAM and a NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600 graphic card, running 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7.

getting started Simply download (v1.16), unzip it in your favourite directory and open Matlab. Enter the TREES directory and type in:

>> start_trees

for more details have a look at the manual.

contact please send emails concerning questions, bug-fixes and extensions including example code only to the following addresses: and

license the TREES Toolbox is published under the GNU General Public License Version 3 (GPLv3)

disclaimer Please note that we are aware that bugs will be uncovered after making the TREES Toolbox public. Unfortunately we do not possess the capacities to respond to all requests and questions sent to us. Please note also that subsequent releases (TREES 2.0) will not be backward compatible.

Creative Commons License
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