Hermann Cuntz, Ernst Strüngmann Institute, Frankfurt main developer

Friedrich Forstner, MPI of Neurobiology, Martinsried developer

Alexander Borst, MPI of Neurobiology, Martinsried supervisor

Michael Häusser, University College London supervisor

External contributors

Eilif Müller, EPFL, Blue Brain Project, Lausanne - python wrapping

Padraig Gleeson, Silver lab, London - neuroML export

Marcel Beining, Institute of Clinical Neuroanatomy, Frankfurt - user interface

Here could be your name.

We invite users to incorporate any extensions and/or related code which they will develop. Ideally, suggestions to improvements or add-ons to the code should be sent directly as improved pieces of code. The contributor's name will be mentioned in the header of the function when integrated in the toolbox and in the toolbox documentation. For the contribution of a new method to either generate artificial neurons or reconstruct neuronal morphology from image stacks we offer to call the core function

>> lastnameofcontributor_tree

to acknowledge the author's contribution. Hopefully, this will make contributions attractive.

Acknowledgements We thank Karl Farrow, Yihwa Kim, Philipp Rautenberg, Martin O'Reilly and Sarah Rieubland for pretesting parts of the software package; Jan Gründemann for providing the Purkinje cell used in the TREES toolbox logo; Idan Segev for helpful discussions.

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last updated on 20 January 2017, Hermann Cuntz